July 18, 2024

Signed up for Netflix

Our friend gave use a card for netflix with a months free trial unlike the normal 2 week trial I see online. So this weekend we signed up for netflix. First thing I wanted to try was streaming through the xbox. Since I had let my gold xbox live membership lapse I need to find a low cost xbox live membership that I could get the code online. After digging around on the internet, I couldn’t find a good deal online. I searched shopwiki which a great selection of xbox stuff, but in the end found a deal when I turned my xbox on and they offered 1 month for $1. Combine that with our free month of netflix and I’m up and running for only a buck.

Killerspiele / First Person Shooter

I haven’t tried to stream a HD movie yet, but all the other TV services I watched worked great. Today I got my netflix disk for the Wii and was easily stream a few cartoons for Grace. It worked great even over wireless.







Now that I’m a netflix subscriber and you can add friends to your netflix list (not sure what that gets me) Let me know how to add you in the comments and we can be netflix friends 🙂



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