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Flower Girls

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I saw her touching her new bracelet, staring at it, and spinning it around her wrist as my sister and now brother-in-law exchanged vows. It’s a moment that I’ll remember forever: the little things that make us individuals and make us uniquely family.

The Family Bed: Not Necessarily for Sleeping

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I found while I was nursing the first child, the TV in the bedroom was a fantastic thing. While I bonded with baby–nursing and then cajoled her back to sleep in the middle of the night, I could also catch up on Law & Order episodes. And I never had to leave my Egyptian Cotton Sheets. I think we were all happy.As she grew up and the next baby came along, I found that the bed was a great place for other kinds of family bonding

7 Free Online Image Editors

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Everyone knows about Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and other well known commercial image editors, but did you know that you can get fantastic image editing results for free without installing any software (besides Flash) on your computer? Although online solutions may not have as many features as commercial products, they likely have more features than the average digital camera user will ever need. Here you will find 7 free online image editors that will help you edit your photos and other images without spending money and without cluttering your computer.

New in Town? No stress!

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image source: When you’re moving to a new area with your family, finding all the resources you need, and doing it gracefully, can be quite the challenge. There’s also the potential culture shock of a new region with new friends and activities- sometimes your self esteem can take a… Read more »

Composting 101: How and What to Compost

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Now is a great time of the year to start composting. Many people are tending to their gardens and getting their yard in shape for the summer. Composting is the process whereby biodegradable yard and food material is converted into a material that enriches soil. It’s a terrific way to… Read more »

3 Ways to Set Your Blog Apart From The Rest

The internet is blossoming with blogs at an unbelievable rate. Blogs have given anyone and everyone the ability to write about the things that interest them, and for those using the internet to promote business, services, or publishing credentials, blogs are important tools for search engine optimization (SEO), networking, and… Read more »