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4 ways to Donate to Charity Online

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These days, the act of giving can be a relatively simple thing to do. There are plenty of non-profit organizations out there that make it a simple process to donate your money to their charity. With easy-to-use websites, today’s charitable organizations are streamlining the contribution process and attracting a wider… Read more »

4 ways to use technology for a good cause

Technology is being embraced by everyday users. As technology expands so does its impact on our lives. In many cases technology is used to make life easier, but there are also instances where technology is being used to make a positive social and global impact. These days, there are plenty… Read more »

5 Reasons to Find a New Car

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If you’re like most people, you probably don’t need even one reason for embarking on a quest that will lead you to finding a new car. However, if you absolutely feel as though you must have something to tell anyone who may ask why, we’ll give you five. image:… Read more »

Kids Away? Tips To Webcam It Up

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If you like the idea of web cams but you’re new to how they work, it’s important that you take the time to learn about them. There are tips and tricks you can discover, which will make working with them easier and a lot more enjoyable. Let’s face it- the… Read more »

Projector Accessories for Your Inner Drama Teacher

I’m going to take a boring subject and make it exciting! Whether you teach or enjoy showing off your favorite photographs, you will need projector accessories for your inner drama teacher- we all want the dramatic effect of having our work BIG and in front of everyone’s eyes. It’s dramatic…. Read more »

Make yourself at Home- Tips for Easy Travel with Family

Staying in hotels while traveling has long been the preferred way to travel, but the Internet has made finding rental homes all over the world no more difficult than a few keystrokes. Staying in a rental property has many advantages (especially when you’re traveling with a family and kids), but… Read more »

Top 5 Ways to Build Brand Loyalty

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Any business knows that existing customers are a more lucrative investment than new customers. Not only are existing customers more likely to do business with a company with which they already familiar, but each and every client is a chance for a referral opportunity. This means that every business must… Read more »

8 Uses for your iPhone and Blackberry

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iPhones and Blackberrys are some of the most popular styles of smart phones on the market- almost every cell phone user has some make or model of these popular phones. So why all the fuss and hoopla over these various smart phone models?? Blackberrys and iPhones are popular phone choices… Read more »

Hottest Tech Topics to Blog About

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Technology blogs are all the rage right now, and they have been for the last several years. In fact, they’re likely to remain popular for as long as technology remains a cultural obsession, meaning that this sort of content should be viable through the apocalypse (which is, as we know,… Read more »